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Do you know 22% of high school students have considered suicide? According to the National Institute of Justice, of the mass shootings committed by K-12 students, 92% were suicidal. Furthermore, of the mass shootings committed by college students, 100% were suicidal. This highlights the critical importance of mental health for the youth demographic. Healing involves balancing compassion for past traumas, practicing acceptance of the present, and moving forward in transformation.

Our Mission

Join us in our mission to increase access to integrative healing modalities and empower youth and parents to heal themselves and each other, creating a thriving society beyond the current mental health crisis.

At our organization, we empower youth and their parents with healing and knowledge about how to heal themselves. Our mission is to increase proficiency with and access to integrative healing modalities and to grow the worldwide community of healers.

We believe that healing is not just about bringing healing to youth, but also about sharing our expertise in how to heal ourselves. By doing this, we are convinced that we can not only help alleviate our current mental health crisis but create a generation empowered to heal themselves and each other.

Our society faces multiple challenges, including mass shootings, burnout of public servants, and racial inequality. It is urgent to increase trauma awareness and decrease burnout. According to CNBC, more than 300,000 public school teachers left their jobs between February 2020 and May 2022. Morning Consult reports that 1 in 5 healthcare workers quit their job during the COVID-19 pandemic. We can no longer afford to live in toxic environments where trauma and stress are carried from person to person.

By healing ourselves rather than blaming others, we become empowered self-healers rather than powerless victims. Our organization believes that by empowering youth to learn to heal themselves and solve their own mental health issues, we can create a society that will thrive through the current crisis and beyond.

Join us in our mission to increase access to integrative healing modalities and empower youth and parents to heal themselves and each other. Contact us today to learn more about our after school programs and community events.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Every race, gender, and income bracket is welcome. Until now, people of color have not had equal access to healing modalities outside of western medicine. We are dedicated to correcting this imbalance.

  • Raising Awareness

    We teach applicable skills that give people practical techniques they can apply to their lives. Additionally, we raise peoples’ awareness about racial discrimination and gender bias, and how this compounds the effects of stress on women, nonbinary people, and people of color.

  • Empowerment

    We don’t just bring healing to people, we teach them how to heal themselves. How? By sharing knowledge of healing principles and processes, trauma awareness, and understanding how to manage stress.

  • Compassion and meeting people where they are.

    Compassion is defined as concern for the misfortune of others. We believe that being kind is more important than being right. We believe in receiving what people have to offer and offering what they are able to receive. Our model is bottom-up rather than top-down.

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Welcome to Compassionate Transformation Community!

We focus on bringing healing and transformation by raising the collective consciousness with compassion as a community.

We Are a Non-Profit Organization

Compassionate Transformation Community brings healing, transformation of life circumstances, and raises consciousness in a community of supportive healers and teachers on our healing journey. We bring invaluable access to life saving, extending, and enhancing healing modalities and empower youth and their parents, who might not have access otherwise. We empower people with knowledge about how to heal ourselves as we grow the worldwide community of healers.