Scientific studies increasingly emphasize the effectiveness of integrative healing modalities, often surpassing the efficacy of Western medicine in certain cases. It remains crucial to make these healing approaches accessible to a broader segment of society. Notably, some of these methods are easily learnable, requiring less intensive education.

At CTC, we not only provide healing to youth and their parents but also empower them to navigate their healing journey through trauma education, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) education, understanding stress responses, and learning stress management techniques, among other valuable tools. Additionally, our aim is to diminish overall stress levels by heightening awareness about race, gender, and effective anger management.

Supporting CTC translates to more than merely providing aid; it means imparting knowledge and skills for self-sufficiency. It means aiding others in healing while empowering them to heal themselves. Our commitment lies in cultivating a compassionate and healing-centric society, replacing past notions of competition, stress, and trauma.

For skeptics, let the data speak. Acupuncture, for instance, has demonstrated effectiveness not only in alleviating pain but also in treating various conditions, including mental health issues. Recent studies underscore its remarkable efficacy in treating depression, resulting in a notable increase in patients’ reported happiness scores after a treatment session (Wu et al, 2011). Reiki has exhibited the ability to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting the healing of both body and mind, making it applicable in managing chronic health conditions (McManus, 2017). Trauma resides in the body and necessitates release through physical movement and holistic treatment targeting the soul, heart, mind, and energy levels. Full recovery for trauma survivors hinges on their awareness of and transformation from the conditions present in their bodies (van der Kolk, 2014). At CTC, we educate on trauma awareness and healing, accompanied by movement and self-healing practices that aid in reclaiming one’s original wholeness.

Let’s unite to transform the world!