Discovering the Power of CTC Classes: Transforming Mental Health and Well-being


During the month of June, our classes have been making a profound impact on mental health, providing a pathway to find solace and alleviation from various conditions and symptoms. To assist us with discovering the impact of our classes while understanding the needs of our community, we decided to compile anonymous data provided about the current mental health and physical conditions of our attendees before and after the class, and our results are outstanding. 

So far, we had the privilege of serving a diverse group of 14 individuals, representing a beautiful balance of genders, with 57% identifying as male and 43% as female. Within the age spectrum, we found that 36% fell into the vibrant 25-34 age group, closely followed by 57% from the dynamic 35-44 age bracket. Notably, 7% of our attendees were wise souls aged 45-54.

At CTC, we recognize that everyone’s healing journey is unique, and our classes cater to various conditions and symptoms. The data shows that our caring community extended support to those grappling with pain (40%), depression (30%), stress (10%), digestive problems (10%), and other health issues (10%).

The statistics from June’s classes fill our hearts with joy as we see the transformative power of our approach. A staggering 93% of participants who received Reiki during our sessions reported experiencing relief from their conditions and symptoms. The impact goes even deeper, as attendees witnessed an average of 56% reduction in symptom severity. These powerful numbers affirm our commitment to fostering healing, well-being, and personal growth through the remarkable offerings at CTC.

As we reflect on the impactful month of June (and we’re only mid-way through the month), we invite you to embark on your own journey of healing and transformation with CTC. Discover the remarkable healing potential that you have within yourself, improve your well-being, and unlock your inner strength. At CTC, we remain steadfast in our dedication to providing accessible and empowering healing experiences to all. Let us walk hand in hand together,  as we create a brighter and healthier future together.

As a reminder, our class schedule is on the right, and all classes are virtual so that you can join us anywhere in the world!