Autistic Basketball Club_D1

A Club for Neurodivergent School-Age Youth

Welcome to the Autism Basketball Club, presented by the Compassionate Transformation Community (CTC), led by Howie Leang. Our club is a unique space designed for children who are on the autistic spectrum, highly sensitive individuals (HSPs), those who are neurodiverse and even those who are neurotypical. At CTC, we embrace every child, regardless of their challenges.

The Autism Basketball Club is about much more than just playing basketball; it’s about co-creating a safe, inclusive space for each other to thrive. We understand that each child is unique, so we tailor our approach to accommodate individual sensitivities. We aim to create a sense of belonging by building confidence and social skills through the joy of playing basketball.

Whether your child is seeking an outlet for physical activity, a way to build connections with others, or a space to express themselves authentically, the Autism Basketball Club is here to open their hearts to the game of life through the game of basketball. Join us in fostering a supportive community where every child can grow, connect, and discover their unique strengths.

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