Our Youth Gardening Program prioritizes native plant education, honoring the land through traditional native ceremonies, and fostering children’s connection with their environment through thoughtfully crafted lesson plans and interactive activities. Through immersive experiences and nutritional education, children not only embrace sustainable lifestyles but also develop a profound connection with nature. Tailored for at-risk youth, the program emphasizes wellness through therapeutic gardening, mindfulness practices, and activities that enhance their sense of identity and deepen their connection with the land.

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Our curriculum emphasizes native ceremonies and honoring the land, incorporating ancestral heritage to deepen participants’ connection with the earth. These ceremonies instill respect for nature and a sense of environmental stewardship. Engaging youth in ancestral practices cultivates a strong sense of belonging and understanding of their role within the ecosystem. This approach enhances their appreciation for environmental and cultural heritage, highlighting the importance of unity and respect in caring for our planet.

Our program includes a vital educational component on native plants and their medicinal uses, aimed at both youth and adults. We explore the significance of integrating these plants into gardens, emphasizing their ecological benefits and their role in promoting health. This education fosters a deep appreciation for the importance of native plants, encouraging participants to incorporate them into their home gardening practices. By highlighting the value of these plants, we contribute to the preservation of traditional knowledge and support sustainable gardening that benefits both people and the planet.

In addition to educating on native plants and ceremonial practices, our program includes activities that promote youth wellness, emotional regulation, and creativity. Weekly sessions blend mindfulness, artistic expression, and environmental lessons, encouraging a connection with nature and oneself. Through practices like garden yoga and meditative gardening, participants learn to balance emotions and harness creativity, gaining life skills that enhance mental health and personal expression, while deepening their environmental appreciation.

Lastly, our program exposes youth to a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs to expand their palates, coupled with lessons in water conservation and composting for sustainable gardening. This initiative aims to nurture a generation of mindful eaters and gardeners who are aware of their environmental impact and the importance of sustainability in food choices.

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